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BFOI Y2: Cloud Hayden by Kuurokaze BFOI Y2: Cloud Hayden by Kuurokaze
Expanded Reference

Name: Cloud Hayden
Age: 22
DoB: June 6
Hometown: Diamond City, Ohana Islands

The story:
When her parents separated due to irreconcilable differences regarding Pokemon Training, her father moved to Rustboro City to be closer to his work and Cloud stayed with her mother in Littleroot Town. After finding out Cloud had been volunteering at the local Pokemon Lab despite having forbidden her from having anything to do with Training, her mother threw her out of home. With nowhere else to go, Cloud made her way to Rustboro City with a Torchic given to her by the professor. She stayed with her father for a while but eventually left to journey around Hoenn, not wanting to be a burden on him.

She eventually qualified for the League, but ran away at the last minute due to lack of confidence. With no idea where to go, she ended up on the Islands after seeing an advertisement for the BFOI. She stayed on the Islands after being knocked out of the contest in Round 4, and got caught up when the shit hit the fan in Hero City. Following the resolution of the events on Ohana, she went back to Hoenn for a while to take the League challenge and reassure her father she was ok. Cloud came back to Ohana when she heard news of the BFCC to be held in commemoration of the previous tournament and ended up working for the Frontier Initiative rather than being sponsored by them in the tournament.

She's donned a Frontier Initiative hoodie and a pair of leggings in reaction to the sudden cold weather, and given the jacket she was wearing before to Rave. Also her hair is no longer ridiculously long or the most obnoxious shade of red known to mankind.

The team:
The little Torchic who was there right from the start. Blue feels it's her duty to protect Cloud after witnessing her breakdown following her mother throwing her out. She's friendly, outgoing, and loves a good fight.

Rave essentially made herself part of the team after sensing Cloud's still-fragile emotional state as she was passing through Route 102. Rave is the other member of Cloud's team who protects her from being hurt as much as is possible. She is calm and has a soothing influence on the rest of the team.

Encountered on Dewford City's docks, this Magikarp had anger issues big enough to rival any of its species' evolved forms, although ironically Helios has mellowed out since evolving and from being in Cloud's care.

Cloud met this Aron in Granite Cave, when it attempted to eat one of her empty pokeballs during a break in the team's training. Ending up captured by it instead, Al found the whole thing highly amusing and has been with Cloud ever since. Like his namesake, Alphonse Elric, Al has a very gentle heart but has no problems with throwing his considerable weight around in battle.

Cloud ran into Turo during a heavy storm on Route 119 when she picked the same tree as cover as he had, and ran into him while unable to see through the rain. The two of them waited out the storm together and when it was over, Turo followed Cloud as she set off again. Turo is very easygoing and can be found lazing around in the sun with Al most of the time.

Cloud met Soru when he was terrorising trainers on Route 120. When he attacked her, she was forced to capture him when he refused to stop attacking and kept worsening his injuries. Soru is hostile, volatile, and will easily pick fights unless Cloud specifically tells him not to. In battle, he is vicious and merciless, and still rarely backs down until he is near passing out.

Other information:
:bulletpurple: She loves flying with Turo.
:bulletpurple: She possesses pokemon empathy and mild telekinesis. She can lift small to medium sized objects, and is able to sense the presence and emotions of pokemon in a fairly wide radius around her. Although she's never been properly trained, constant company with her pokemon and the confidence she's gained since first coming to the Ohana Islands have helped her abilities develop.
:bulletpurple: Adrenaline rushes affect her abilities the same way they do everything else, giving them a sort of supercharge and raising their limits. However, because she doesn't know how to handle that much power, Rave has to guide her in most things in such a situation.
:bulletpurple: All the time spent in the sun on the Islands has left her with a few freckles on her face and shoulders.

Cloud © Kuurokaze
:iconbattle-frontier: © tazsaints
Pokemon © Nintendo/Gamefreak/Tajiri
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SPRTN Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
I love how Al and Helios looks, they look angry or hungry, can't tell with giant monsters |D
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